On Location with Yuki Numata

This week I had the opportunity to work with renowned violinist Yuki Numata. The contagious passion in her music coupled with New York City as our location could not have been more exhilarating for a shoot.

Yuki is pictured here on the Brooklyn Bridge right after sunset on a stormy afternoon.

yuki brooklyn

Needless to say, our scene drew a sizeable crowd that once in a while asked to be photographed with our star.

native indians

One bare Sb600 with a CTO gel:

yuki beach23

Shoot through umbrella, Brooklyn Bridge and Financial District Manhattan in background:


Right before it started pouring, I had her stand in front of the Manhattan bridge. Look at those angry rain clouds.


And below, Yuki on a white seamless – one of those things that everyone seems to be raving about these days.

yuki white

While photojournalism will always be my true love, I am utterly engrossed in portraiture these days. Oh, and I did her makeup for the first and last pictures.


  1. Loved this story Steve. And the pictures were fantastic (of course). You really captured their struggles in the short time you interacted with them.

  2. I am amazed. Steve, these are incredible. The best I’ve ever seen you do – so emotional! Fantastic.

    And the story was beautiful and thorough. Thank you. Post more!

  3. You should shoot inside Dr. Rosen’s office if you want to see pain and suffering.

    I can’t believe Elvis is our age…. and that woman started producing children at age 14! 18th century!

    • B&W may make it look more professional to some, but I can’t really deal with it. We evolved to have cone cells, and I think we should take advantage of them.

  4. Thanks for this blog, Steve. The pics, your commentary, the fact that you were in Bosnia but make the story about a bunch of gypsies instead of yourself. Gifts to the universe.


    p.s. My wife’s blog is real good too: rainmomblog.blogspot.com

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