71 Chearsley

For those of you who aren’t familiar with London, Elephant & Castle is an area of London that has a reputation for being a bit “dodgy.” The area is being redeveloped, and it’s apparently the biggest regeneration project in Europe.

A whole bunch of buildings known as the Heygate Estate is due to be demolished quite soon, and most of the inhabitants have been relocated.  There is though, a couple of households still living there – those who have resisted eviction.

Riikka and Cindy are two cheerful young women who lived at the Heygate until the very end.  They’re not quite the expected Heygate Estate “types” – lower income families or older people living on social support.  In fact, they’re not even from the UK.

Click below, listen to Riikka and Cindy, and make sure you watch in HD.


  1. I like how these experiences are teaching you how to have even more effective shoots in the future (as Charlie taught you). Good job, Steve!

  2. As involved in agriculture for almost my whole life, I had the opportunity to visited so many meat processing and preparing facilities around the world. I must say that the shots presented here are bringing the carcass to life, like a parade. These photos are very story-telling, vividly describing the process. I also like the tone and the accurate exposure. Just by looking at the texture of the meat, one can easily judge the quality. Excellent job.

  3. I really enjoyed your latest photo shoot project. You really managed to capture the authentic atmosphere of the Smithfield market. I was surprised to see two ladies buying meat so early in the morning and carrying their order away in suitcases.

    You managed to show the meat cutting tools laid out on one of the prepararion tables ready to start the butchering process.

    If all the future photo shoots are of this high standard I can’t wait to see the finished footage and commentary you took on holiday of stories in Austrailia and New Zealand.

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