I ♥ Street Photo / So Shoot Me

I rarely show my street photography, but here are a few I shot last month all in London…

Valentine's Day, London

Next week, a group of London-based photographers, including myself, is staging an open-air exhibition to demonstrate against the increasing restrictions being placed on British street photographers…

Euston Station

The thirty-strong group of photographers, known collectively as ‘So Shoot Me’ are staging the event I ♥ Street Photo.  This unique evening of ‘roaming human projection’ will celebrate new street photography, and express their serious concerns about the survival of British street photography in the face of ever-increasing government controls, including the Digital Economy Bill.

Fleet Street

For details of  I ♥ Street Photo which will take place on 08 April, and to see media appearances of my photograph, click here, here, here, and here.

Oxford Street

On Thursday, 08 April, please come to The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, near Old Street for the 21:30 reception.

I will be making a speech on behalf of the photographers of ‘So Shoot Me.’

Regent Street

Camden Town

"The Sun" is the most popular newspaper in the UK

Chinese New Year, Chinatown

Fleet Street


  1. Was wondering what you were doing and saw this work on display here. Just saw the photos and read the statement!

    Fantastic! They are so illustrative and convincing. Great job. My full support to So Shoot Me.

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